<p>The Da Vinci Ascent is the first ever portable glass on glass vaporizer and offers all the features you could want in a stylish unit that’s no bigger than a smart phone! The DaVinci Ascent is more than just a pretty face, with a truly innovative design that boasts an all glass vapour path, built in screen, retractable straw, as well as loads of high-tech features such as vaping programs and automatic shutoff.</p> <p>The DaVinci Ascent’s glass vapour path and digital temperature control produces safe, clean, and great tasting vapour from all kinds of herbal blends, essential oils, and concentrates. Every component comes apart for easy cleaning. The Ascent is powered by two rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and has an available car charger for easy use on the go. Discreet and efficient, the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer is a great portable unit for any situation.</p> <p>We stock the <strong> 2nd Generation Australian Version </strong> of the DaVinci Ascent, as well as a range of genuine DaVinci accessories to keep your Ascent in tip-top shape. </p>

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