Extreme Q

<p>The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer boasts a sleek, modern design, along with a laundry list of features to enhance your vaporizing experience. The Extreme Q is the only vaporizer with remote control operation, a blessing for the lazy or those with limited mobility.</p> <p>The Arizer Extreme Q is a multipurpose vaporizer, meaning that it has more than one inhalation option. The Extreme Q can be used with a balloon or a whip tube, and comes with a potpourri dish for use as an aroma diffuser. It utilises a ceramic heating element with several glass components for ultra clean and tasty vapour production. The swivel action whip, remote control, automatic shutoff, and optional portable power pack make the Extreme Q the ultimate multipurpose unit that offers a wealth of options at an affordable price.</p> <p>We stock the Arizer Extreme Q along with a range of genuine Arizer parts and accessories.</p>

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