<p>A herb grinder is an essential accessory for the modern vaporist. Its single purpose is to break up your herbs into very finely ground bits, making your material easy to vaporize cleanly and evenly.</p> <p>Some people are surprised to learn that an item devoted to performing such a simple task as grinding herbs can be available in so many choices!</p> <p>We offer a wide variety of herb grinders, ranging from the most basic type of two-part herb grinders to beautiful and ornate herb grinders that have gorgeous custom colour lids. We are also proud to carry the rugged and highly durable Space Case grinders and stash cases.<a href="javascript:showHideMore('home-page-more-text')" > ...more</a></p> <div style="display: none;" id="home-page-more-text"> <p>For beginners, a two-part herb grinder is sure to meet your basic needs. However, if you vaporize more frequently, you will want to consider getting a three-part, four-part or even a five-part herb grinder. Many of these advanced models come with built in pollen screens and catchers, which will help your supply of herb go even farther.</p> <p>Some of our higher end herb grinders come with a window built into the lid so you can directly observe the herb shredding action, and many have a mechanical crank that you turn instead of twisting it the old-fashioned way. Herb connoisseurs find these advanced models are more appropriate to their level of vaporizing expertise, and they will make a big impression on your guests as well.</p> <p>Many of the herb grinders we offer have magnets built into the grinding compartment, which keeps the lid fastened securely while still enabling free rotation of the two grinding halves. You’ll never have to worry about spilling your favorite herb when grinding it up prior to vaporization!</p> <p>When you are choosing your herb grinder, it’s a good idea to see what kind of teeth it has. Herb grinders typically come with teeth that are diamond-shaped, shark tooth-shaped or durable steel pin teeth. All of these types of teeth will provide you with excellent results, and the choice is just a matter of personal preference, similar to the decision you make about the look and material that the grinder is made from.</p> <p>Australian Vaporizers is the perfect place to buy an off-the-wall herb grinder, such as one that resembles a billiard ball, a yellow happy smiley face, a set of stacked poker chips.</p> <p>Among the more popular is our line of aluminum herb grinders, either with a pollen catching screen or without.</p> <p>The metal herb grinders we carry are extremely strong and rugged and come in a wide range of colors, sizes and with different features for the discerning vaporist.</p> <p>We at Australian Vaporizers are proud to be official retailers of Space Case herb grinders, which are all made in the United States and represent some of the finest grinders currently available on the market.</p> <p>When you are a serious vaporist, it only makes sense to obtain the best possible herb grinder, to ensure that you have the finest vaporizing experience on a consistently reliable basis.</p></div>