<p>The HerbalAire<strong> </strong>vaporizer offers users tri-functionality with direct inhalation, whip and balloon inhalation methods, and is the only vaporizer that works best when you don't grind your herbs! Coined "esspresso mode", the HerbalAire is able to vaporize whole flowers inside the crucible, cutting down on mess and preparation time.</p> <p>The HerbalAire uses a microprocessor-based control that keeps temperature consistent and adapts to even minor changes in the environment around it. It uses complete convection to heat your herbs, with eighteen tiny jets of precisely heated air that permeate the herb only when you inhale.</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock the <strong>HerbalAire h2.2 </strong>and the new<strong> HerbalAire Elite</strong> version, as well as a range of essential replacement parts and accessories.</p>

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