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<p>If you're serious about vaporizing, make a serious commitment with a quality home unit. You’ll find the best vaporization experience you can get.<a href="javascript:showHideMore('home-page-more-text')" > ...more</a></p> <div style="display: none;" id="home-page-more-text" <p>Imaging sitting in your living room enjoying a vaporizer that not only gives you a pleasant sensory experience, but also enhances your living room with its attractive design. Your home vaporizer will be easy to use and will produce high-quality vapour.</p> <p>A home vaporizer is powered by electricity, so you won’t be hampered by the power and size limitations that affect portable units. Another benefit of a home unit is the larger heating element that produces more even heat distribution.</p> <p>Our home units have high-quality heating elements, and most of them use convection to extract the goodness from your herbs. Convection works in home vaporizers through hot air flowing through the plant material. Virtually all new vaporizers apply this principle, although the methods of heating the air flow may differ.</p> <p>A vaporizer needs a way to deliver the vapour from the heating chamber to the user. Like heat sources, this can be achieved through different methods. One way to differentiate among delivery systems is whether they are assisted or unassisted. Some designs can be used with both methods.</p> <p>Part of the process of choosing a home vaporizer involves deciding what delivery system you will use, depending on how you will use the vaporizer and what your needs are. Take a look at three types of vaporizers:</p> <ul> <li><b>Balloon vaporizers</b> are best for use for people in groups. Their ease of use gives you the freedom to just sit back and enjoy a comfortable experience.</li> <li><b>Whip vaporizers,</b> which produce thick clouds of vapour, will give you a more personal experience with complete control.</li> <li><b>Multifunction vaporizers</b> provide the best of both words, offering both whip and balloon delivery.</li> </ul> <br> <p>A quality home vaporizer will normally pay for itself very quickly, as it is far more efficient than smoking. Most units also feature long warranty periods. We are authorized dealers for all the units we stock, so you can be guaranteed a great vaporizing experience for many years to come.</p> <p>Get rid of the smelly ashtrays and give up the smoke. Instead, enjoy the pure and healthy aromatic vapour of your favorite herbs. It’s an amazing difference. You won’t go back.</p></div>
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