<p>The Pax is among the world’s most pocketable premium loose-leaf vaporizers and is available in a range of striking colours. Featuring an anodized aluminium exterior, the Pax heats but never burns your herb for perfect results on the go. The Pax has a wide herb chamber, industry leading warm up time and perfectly silent operation, making it a great little unit for users who want a discreet vape on the go. It even has an available car charger.</p> <p>The Pax is all about economy, with a motion-sensitive power-save mode that can detect when it’s not in use and switch the device off while it’s sitting idle. The Pax will re-engage power the moment you pick it up again, it really is a clever machine!</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock the genuine Pax vaporizer by Ploom in a range of colours, as well as genuine Ploom accessories and replacement parts.</p>

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