Phoenician Grinders

<p>Phoenician Engineering grinders are created with the needs of the user in mind. Carefully designed and All-American made with all materials sourced in the USA, Phoenician grinders are some of the best quality, most durable and most user-friendly grinders on the market. Innovative in every aspect, Phoenician grinders were the first to use a lobe-style grip design to provide superior grip during use and increase comfort for the user.<br /> <br /> All Phoenician Engineering grinders are hand lapped and finished, which creates an extremely fine and scratch-resistant surface. The grinding teeth are diametrically cut to create a shearing motion, similar to a pair of scissors. Complete with a bowl-shaped pollen catcher that makes it easy to access all your material, Phoenician grinders are the perfect product for users who want a simple, high quality and easy to use grinder.</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a range of Phoenician grinders in Australia at a competitive price. Our range includes small, medium and large sized Phoenician grinders in both 4pc and 2pc varieties. We also stock both the flat top Phoenician grinders and the groove top, which has a convenient papers holder and ash tray. All products are available with fast express shipping and same day despatch.</p>