Santa Cruz Shredder

<p>The Santa Cruz Shredder aluminium grinder is engineered to perfection. The only grinder with a strict medical-grade ultrasonic cleansing process, the Santa Cruz Shredder is the one grinder you can count on for clean grinding with NO contaminants. The Santa Cruz Shredder is made from high quality and extremely durable anodized aluminium with super strong Rare Earth Magnets that won't leach their protective coating into your herbs. Their patented revolutionary new tooth design ensures that no burs or flakes of aluminium fall into your herbs during the grinding process. Ordinary grinders only cut once, letting chunks of herb fall through the holes without further grinding. The Santa Cruz Shredder's teeth are designed to cut both ways, ensuring your grind is always "fluffed to perfection!"</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we sell mini, small, large and jumbo sized Santa Cruz Shredders in two-piece and four-piece designs and a range of bright colours. </p>
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