Sharpstone Grinders

<p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a range of genuine Sharpstone herb grinders and pollen presses. From small solid top 2 piece grinders to large crank tops and heavy duty presses, our range of genuine Sharpstone products will suit the needs of any connoisseur. Get a genuine Sharpstone grinder in Australia at a great price with fast express shipping!</p> <p>Sharpstone grinders are made from Heavy Duty Aircraft Billet Aluminium with sharp diamond-cut teeth that remain strong and won't rub together or leave shavings in your grind. Sifters and 4 piece grinders feature stainless steel micro mesh screens that allow only the finest pollen to fall through.</p> <p>All Sharpstone grinders have a magnetic lid, featuring two strong Neodymium magnets to keep a closure so tight that you can turn the grinder upside down and never spill a speck of herb!  Special Teflon O-rings make for easier twisting while grinding. </p>

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