Silver Surfer

<p>The Silver Surfer is one of the best herbal vaporizers on the market today. Made by vapour giants 7th Floor, the Silver Surfer is a premium whip inhalation vaporizer that offers superior performance and a unique design. Featuring custom hand-blown glass attachments, no two Silver Surfers are exactly the same.</p> <p>The Silver Surfer has a tough external body constructed from anodized aluminium and an angled heater cover that ensures you will never spill your herbs. Where other whip vaporizers stand straight up and the wand connects to the heater horizontally, the Silver Surfer is tilted so your herbs stay safely in the end of the wand. Herbs are heated by a high quality ceramic element, fully adjustable with the analog temperature dial.</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock an <strong>exclusive AU edition</strong> of the Silver Surfer, so your unit gets sent to you equipped with Australian plugs with no need for a power adapter. We also stock a range of genuine, high quality 7th Floor replacement parts and accessories to keep your Silver Surfer in like-new condition.</p>

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