<p><br /> Featuring the VaporBlunt, VaporBlunt 2.0, Pinnacle, and Pinnacle Pro vaporizers, as well as the Palm Portable vaporizer, the VaporBlunt brand boasts a range of pocketable and convenient vaporizing units to suit your lifestyle.</p> <p>Compact and in a range of colours, the VaporBlunt is a portable vaporizer that features lightning fast heat up time and completely chordless operation. While the original VaporBlunt is compatible with dry herb only, the VaporBlunt 2.0 is suitable for all kinds of dried herb and essential oils.</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a range of portable vaporizing units in the VaporBlunt line, including the newest <strong>VaporBlunt 2.0</strong> and <strong>Pinnacle Pro</strong> vaporizers. We have you covered for the entire life of your vaporizer, with a range of genuine VaporBlunt parts and accessories to keep your unit running well.</p>

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