<p>A much loved portable vaporizer, the VaporGenie is a small pipe-style vaporizer that uses the heat from a flame to vaporize your herbs. The VaporGenie may look like a typical combustion pipe but, believe it or not, this unique invention is actually a vaporizer that heats your herbs without burning.</p> <p>The VaporGenie utilises a ceramic heat filter that separates the flame of your lighter from your herbs. It’s constructed like a typical pipe, with an additional spherical top piece with a hole in the middle. Herbs are housed in the bottom chamber, and heated by using a lighter to heat the edges around the opening of the top piece. Available in a range of colours and designs, the VaporGenie is the perfect no-fuss portable vaporizer for those who don’t want to mess around with electronics and battery chargers. As long as you have your lighter handy, you can use your VaporGenie just about anywhere!</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock a range of different <strong>standard </strong> and <strong> hand carved VaporGenie pipes</strong>, aluminum VaporGenie pipes, aluminum bats, coil VGs, and the newest <strong>VG Volta</strong>, which uses a long-lasting LiFePO battery. We also stock a range of VaporGenie parts and accessories, to keep your VaporGenie running like new.</p>

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