<p>The perfect portable vaporizer for those who like to keep it simple, the WISPR is a portable vaporizer that has no need for electronics. Whether you're at one with the great outdoors or just don't want the hassle of charging a battery, the WISPR is a simple little butane vaporizer that lasts as long as your can of butane gas!</p> <p>Available in a range of colours, the WISPR's unique style is sure to catch your eye. Made by Oglesby & Butler, the WISPR is the second generation of Iolite and incorporates more style, an upgraded butane delivery system and a fuel level window, all while maintaining the exceptional high quality materials and effortless enjoyment of its predecessor.</p> <p>At Australian Vaporizers, we stock the <strong>WISPR 2 </strong>vaporizer, as well as a range of essential spare parts and accessories.</p>

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